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1) Annette, you're the best.   -   R.I.

2) Annette has "the touch". She excels in her field. She is knowledgeable in every service she offers. Her facility in not only immaculate, but calming and comfortable. Keep up the good work.    -   Joan C.

3) It is such a treat to go to Annette's studio. Her facility is immaculate, soothing, homey and so beautiful nestled among the trees. It is so peaceful being there, what a wonderful experience. In the Spring and Summer I can hear birds chirping (in the day) and the crickets (at night). The flowers are in bloom. And then there is Annette herself; what a truly talented person. She incorporates so much into every visit and personalizes each experience to my needs at the time. Thank you Annette for all that you are and all that you do. You are a gifted and talented healer. Whether it is for my allergies or my back that bothers me, you always know what to do. You are wonderful.               - Nicole 

4) Annette has been my massage therapist for a little over 5 years. It has always been a pleasure and a very positive experience. There are lots of massage providers and almost anyone can slap some oil on your back and rub away. But anyone who really understands "healing therapies" knows that's not all there is to it. There is a big difference! They say the teacher appears when the time is right. I was referred to Annette when I was experiencing some health difficulties and she has been a lifesaver. I believe you could heal just by being in her environment. She listens to you and really and truly cares about her clients. Over the years, she has, in many ways, become more of a friend than just a health care provider. Everything about her facility brings a sense of calmness into your life-the beautiful and tranquil mountain setting, her studio and Annette herself. She is a credit to the massage field-upholding the highest standards and ethics. There are any number of therapists I could go to in closer proximity to my home. I drive about 30 minutes to get to her studio, but it is well worth every minute and mile I travel. You will not be disappointed!             - Deb

5) COMFORTABLE, NURTURING, RELAXING, IMMACULATELY CLEAN ... I've been a client of Annette's for approximately four years now, and I must say that she is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I've been to the spa at the Grand Wailea Hotel on Maui, the spa at Nemacolin Woods in Western PA, and the spa at Top Notch resort in Stowe, Vt. and the spa at Hotel Hershey to name just a few places renowned for their spas. The massages offered at those resorts could not come close to the wonderfully relaxing, knowledgeable and personal services that Annette provides. She is very nurturing and pays attention to the little details that mean so much like warm towels and blankets, very clean smelling and feeling massage cream/oil that leaves your skin feeling great, a very comfortable massage table, warm cotton socks for your feet, soothing, warm stones for wherever you're needing them and a wonderful neck rest and eye compresses while lying on your back. Just driving up the beautiful lane to her home gets you into a more relaxed state, but, that is only the prelude to feeling the mountain breezes that gently brush across your face as you make your way to her tranquil massage haven that smells and feels so fresh and clean. You will feel like a million dollars without having to break the bank. Practice the art of self-care and go see Annette---she is a terrific massage therapist and a nice person too!  Gratefully and Ahhhhh          - Kris O.

6) I have been going to Annette for massage for three years now and she does a great massage. Anyone with any kind of problem I believe she can help with. It is truly a blessing every time I see her. She does understand how the body works and knows how to help heal the body.    -  Mike 

 7) As two very active Seniors, we have found a true friend and masseuse in Annette, as she personalizes every visit with her. Whether it be a relaxing massage, or a very much needed particular part of the body massage, Annette addresses our needs for keeping our aging bodies in line and regenerated on a monthly or bi-monthly visit to her very relaxed surroundings. Her knowledge of the body and professional information shared is most appreciated by us ... we look forward to her friendly smile, as we enter her healing surroundings.       -     Connie & Patrick

8) You are a powerful healer/therapist. It's a pleasure knowing you and receiving your therapeutic touch. I recommend you to anyone who wants healing in a powerful way. Great atmosphere.    - Michelle 

9) Great atmosphere, clean, professional & relaxing. My overall experience was excellent. My overall comfort was attended to.   - Angel D. 

10) Annette, my friend and I enjoyed attending your class (Reiki I). Your location in the woods and your lovely home made it a perfect place to teach this course. I am looking forward to my  next class. You did a great job instructing.   - W.W.

11) Annette is very well prepared, explained theory of the (Reiki II) class well and uses very appropriate examples. I am anxious to read the notes - again & work on me. I appreciate you.     -  W.W.

12) Reiki classes were organized and interesting. Annette did a great presentation, & always answered all my questions. Really enjoyed this series of classes.   - W.W.

 13) Annette I just wanted to thank you for the incredible massage. You are so talented. I needed it badly, both physically and mentally. I have been going through quite a bit lately and it was starting to catch up with me. It was such a blessing when I saw your sign out of the corner of my eye. I haven't felt that relaxed in quite some time. You are a wonderful person too ... icing on the cake! I will talk to you soon Annette.       - Chris

14) Reiki I class was very informative. Teacher was very well prepared. I felt well informed and wanting to know more about the subject matter.      - Sara R.

15) The material in the class (Reiki II) was presented in a very receptive way, not rushed but concise and with clarity. I was thoroughly satisfied with the material ... how it was presented. Felt enrichment and enlightened. Teacher is well experienced.        -  Sarah R.

16) Very nice class (Reiki I). I didn't know much coming in so it was alot to take in. Thank you for the packet of valuable resources and book suggestions. Would love to come back sometime to have you do Reiki on me.       - E. K.

17) Reiki I: Learned many new things. Very interesting. Beautiful location. I would recommend this class. I will take another class from Annette in the future for sure. Thank you Annette. - Kristen S.

18) Reiki I: I would recommend this class to someone who interested in furthering their education in this field.         -  L. Funck

19) Reiki I: Annette is a clear and caring teacher. Thank you.      - Jean

20) Reiki I: Great amount of information! We covered alot. This will take awhile to all come about. I will look forward to the next 21 days of reading over this and cleansing     - Laurie

21) Reiki I: I thank you for the class. Overall it was very informative.      - S. Hall 

22) I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! This workshop exceeded any possible expectations I may have had ... a wonderful experience and expansion of knowledge. Absolutely enjoyed Reiki I.          - A. S.

 23) This was the second class I took with Annette and again I got alot out of the experience. I look forward to Reiki Level III in the future.      - Kristin

24) Excellent class; enjoyed the environment. Great story shares.   - Eve 

25) It was a great class and I learned alot. Glad we could ask questions. Thank you.                   - Fran

26) Reiki I: Great pace - very relevant and relatable material. Makes all in class feel very safe and at ease. Thank you.   - Courtney

27) I really enjoyed taking Annette's classes. She's a wonderful instructor.  Maxine D.

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